A little bit About us


Come by for a visit for home made cinnamon buns, desserts, sandwiches and more!

Coffee & Teas to Go

Enjoy some of our premium coffee, teas and our other drinks!

Roasted beans

We personally roast our own premium beans to ensure a high quality roast and taste!

Visit Us

We can be found downtown in Drumheller, Alberta! 

Hot Drinks


Espresso and Smoothed layer of foam


Cafe mocha

Espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce and milk


cafe latte

Freshed brewed coffee and steamed milk


hot chocolate mint

Hot chocolate, milk and a hint of mint


hot chocolate caramel

Hot chocolate, milk and a hint of caramel


flat white

Espresso shots and a light layer of Crema


hot chocolate

Hot chocolate and milk


vanilla latte

Freshed brewed coffee, vanilla and steamed milk



Espresso and milk


caramel macchiato

Espresso, caramel-flavored syrup and milk


zen fog tea


apple cinnamon tea


chai tea


london fog tea


drum fog tea


chai Latte



iced Mint

Milk and a hint of mint


iced vanilla latte

Espresso, vanilla, milk and ice


iced cafe mocha

Espresso, bittersweet mocha, milk and ice


iced hot chocolate

Hot chocolate, milk and ice


Iced caramel

Espresso, caramel sauce, milk and ice


iced caramel macchiato

Espresso, caramel, ice and milk


iced coffee

Freshly brewed coffee, milk and ice


Enjoy at Home

Enjoy your special morning cup of coffee with beans from Black Mountain Roasters! We offer a  aromatic blend of arabica and orient spices. We ship Canada Wide for only $12! 

Premium artison coffee roaster & cafe

Coffee is the way to wake up for millions of people. A cup of excellent fragrant beverage is able to turn your day into a perfect one! If you are looking for a cafe with a wide selection of specialty coffees, locally roasted beans as well as high quality coffee supplies, we are here for you! Black Mountain Roasters offers a variety of locally roasted coffee beans for all caffeine-addicts like us! Visit us to taste our amazing roasted beans today!